Day 1 for Toronto Works for Haiti

What’s happening in Haiti has touched so many of us. Everyone is talking about it, and everyone wants to do something about it. It is clear from the images and stories we have encountered that there is just so much agony and pain in Haiti, especially in Port-au-Prince right now. Well, they say the most incredible challenges bring out who you truly are, and we know and believe that Haiti will pull through this. We want to do our part to support their efforts to rebuild their country, reclaim peace, and restore lives. After all, we are one of the neighbours in this global village, just 2864 km away from our friends who simply refuse to give up.

We are going to blog about our journey and will share with you any updates we will have on this project. You’ll get to know our dedicated volunteers, amazing clients and supporters we’ll meet on the way.

Right now we’re concentrating on getting things started. We have talked to many friends and everyone has been so supportive. We are incredibly excited about the responses and reactions that we have been getting so far.  Our go-to person for everything under the sun (maybe above the sun too!), Elliot secured support from a local Realtor, Mark Savels in the form of advertising. Mark will let people know about our blog from his blog. (Thank you Mark!) Elliot also set up this blog along with our eblast to get things rolling. An event planner by birth, Katherine continues to work her magic on the logistics and administration side of things. Kilim has been talking to some people at work who seemed quite keen to get involved. She’s also thinking about what kind of services she can offer as a volunteer. Carol has come up with an awesome idea of meal planning for busy families. Who can resist a full meal planning service which includes complementary weekly shopping lists from our resident gourmet expert who is known to fix all kinds of problems in the kitchen?  Thank you Jia for the amazing feedback and proofreading and Rox for your legal expertise!

You might have noticed our discussion board is up and running now. Do you have any creative fundraising ideas? What are your thoughts on long-term support to the reconstruction of Haiti? Let’s get our heads together. Feel free to post anything that comes to your mind.

So that’s been our first day! We look forward to getting to know YOU better and providing our services to you soon, because that will all mean helping our neighbours in Haiti. Talk to you soon.


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