Day 4 – We’re growing

A very important connection we made today. Katherine attended a fundraising event that pulled together the Haitian community here in Toronto and those who are wanting to help. The Built Haiti Fund is looking into ways to provide assistance to reconstruction projects in remote areas outside the capital. With the knowledge of the country and the communities, this connection presents to us a lot of possibilities in helping out those who were in a dire need even before the earthquake.

Yay! We were featured at BlogTO today. Check it out. Thanks Sophie, our resident Social Media guru.

On the business side of things, we are very happy and grateful to announce Andrew la Fleur as our first affiliate. Every $1,000 his clients sell or buy through him, Andrew will donate $1. This will increase our donation really quickly – for example, a $300,000 condo means a $300 donation! We also found out that a phenomenal french pastry chef and baker, and a long-time friend to Toronto Works for Haiti headquarters, Marie will be donating proceeds from her orders.

We’re also in the process of making you in charge of some of the tasks at TWH HQ. We’re growing and it’s time to delegate, delegate and delegate! If you’d like to help out, please let us know, just like Laura. We’re going to count on her for the PR work. Thanks Laura!

As days go by, the question of long-term assistance, the kind of assistance that empowers, involves, and is based on the locals, boggles our mind. Let’s think about that. It’s an important discussion and we have a voice that has an impact. So, keep it up team! Talk to you tomorrow.


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