Day 5 – Imagine (Updated)

Today, two miracles happened. A man was found alive under the rubble – after he was trapped in the rubble, without any food and water for ten days. Another 84-year-old woman was also pulled from the rubble [video]. It is a big sense of hope and encouragement when CBC’s David Common reported that water is increasingly more available (albeit unclean) in Port-au-Prince. The most encouraging of all is witnessing the unlimited support from fellow Canadians in the Canada For Haiti telethon and the Hope for Haiti Now telethon around the globe.

We were featured at several places across the country, and in fact all over the world! We were featured on The Globe And Mail’s “Disaster relief, v2.0” article (scroll down to the bottom); UBC Alumni Affairs; and Facebook – thanks to many of our friends, the word is getting out through FB! Consider updating your FB profile with our logo. If you’re part of our Google group, you can download the logo under “Files”.

We are proud and happy to let you know that the donation is coming in too. Our resident realtor Andrew La Fleur has closed his first deal since he started the $1 donation for $1,000 transaction campaign. Three hundred and twenty dollars will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross. Great job, Andrew! We also have Mark Savel, another local realtor, on board, as he joins the $1 for $1,000 campaign as well.

Furthermore, a special thank goes out to our youngest donor, nine-month old Carla van Eimeren who donated $25 to TW4H, to thank her dad for babysitting her. We also have secured another donation in exchange of babysitting , adding another $200. That’s already 10% of our target!

This week has been, simply put, awesome. We ran into so many people who are so compassionate and innovative. We learned about different groups and projects popping all over town to help people in Haiti. We already have eighteen volunteers on our team! (Noticed a new counter on the sidebar?) As a country, Canada is leading the informal Friends of Haiti group and will host the Montreal Conference to discuss what is and will be needed in Haiti, in days, weeks, months and years to come. We will be doing something similar over the weekend. What comes out of it, you will be the first to know. Happy weekend!

P.S. Thank you Becky, our newest volunteer , for proofreading for us.


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