Day 7 – We Need More Volunteers

Note: We have moved our website to

Looking ahead to this week, the situation in Haiti seems to have gone from rescue effort to salvage effort. Food, water, shelter and illness are things that the Haitians have to contend with now. This story in the New York Times describes the situation of the survivors, who are trying to return their lives to order, but find that they cannot do so when they have so little left to return to.

Needless to say, there’s lots that needs to be done in Haiti.

We’ve been busy, too – we’ve posted the Volunteer Form for potential volunteers to complete. While we have a great group of volunteers who are offering a broad range of services, we still need more people to get involved! We’re hoping to match up more volunteers with more clients who want to donate. So when you’re talking to your coworkers around the water cooler on Monday, remember to tell them about Toronto Works For Haiti and ask them to check out this blog.

Have a good week, everyone, and let’s keep it up.


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