Service Offerings

We are twenty-five professionals and service providers in Toronto who are
available to volunteer our time and expertise to help people in Haiti. We
are here to give what we can to the Haitian people who need our immediate
help. Toronto Works for Haiti (TW4H) is an unpaid and volunteer-based group
and handles administration and promotion of the services. We do not charge
any administration cost.

Our services range from administrative services to professional editing,
social media marketing, and realty. Our mandate is to raise $5,000
to support Canadian Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders Canada, and
Humanitarian Coalition, for their work in Haiti.

Looking to get some help from businesses? Not only individual volunteers,
but local businesses have joined us to help people in Haiti. All the service
providers who have joined TW4H are providing special packages, and all the
proceeds from them will go directly to the charities.

    Accounting and Bookkeeping I'm New

  • Personal: Personal taxes
  • Business: GST/HST tax advices
  • Service provider:Francois Phaboriboun
  • Rate: $25/hour
  • Donation to TW4H: 100% minus travel expenses.

    Art Direction and Graphic DesignI'm New

  • Offering art direction and graphic design expertise
  • Rate: $50/hour
  • Donation to TW4H: 10-15% of the cost

    IT Services – Michael O’Leary I'm New

  • Website Design and IT consulting is offered by Michael O’Leary.
  • Service provider: Michael O’Leary
  • Rate:Website Design is $500 inclusive. IT consulting is $25/hr.
  • Donation to TW4H: 100% minus travel costs

    IT Services – Jeremy Phan

  • Jeremy has been working with Windows operating system since Windows 3.1 and
    handles everything from spyware-infected personal computers to wiring up
    offices for VPNs.
  • Service provider: Jeremy Phan
  • Rate: Onsite support for $40 for the first 90 minutes and $30/hour thereafter.
  • Donation to TW4H: 100% minus parking and gas reimbursement.

    Marketing Effectiveness Consulting

  • Rick specializes in measuring the impact of marketing programs through a
    practical, easy to use process, customized to your business. He can also
    help small businesses develop strategies, unique business models and
    marketing planning process, and will show you how to sharpen the focus of
    your marketing efforts and improve effectiveness.
  • Service provider: Rick Shea
  • Rate: $200/hour
  • Donation to TW4H:First two hours of services.

    Personal Coaching Services I donate

  • Kim and Jennifer are donating their Personal coaching service. They will help you define goals and plans through the process of self-discovery, and give you confidence and clarity as you move forward.
  • Service provider: Kim Sorbara and Jennifer Visser
  • Rate:$50/hr for 1 hour session.
  • Donation to TW4H:First two hours of services.

    Product Photographer I'm New

  • Avid photographer
  • Service provider: Rick Shea
  • Rate: $100/hour
  • Donation to TW4H:First two hours of services.

    Social Media Service

  • With close to 5000 hours of social media experience and a passion for online communication, Sophie has a successful track record of organically growing online communities. Sophie is an amazing social media consultant and if you know what social media means, you will benefit from her expertise and experience. (We all see how the Haitian people were using social media to get the message out about their situation and communicate with their families!)
  • Service provider: Sophie Bifield
  • Rate: $35/ hour
  • Donation to TW4H: First twenty hours of services.

    Style consultation

  • Do you struggle every morning deciding what to wear? Ryan will help you with style consultation. Sit down with him and based on your lifestyle, needs and goals, you’ll get a chance to understand what you already own and go shopping with the style expert!
  • Service provider: Ryan Short
  • Rate: $350/package
  • Donation to TW4H: 100%

    Tutoring and Proofreading

  • Lida is a highly sought-after editor and works as a proposal
    writer/evaluator by day. She will help you polish your writing. She can also
    tutor any arts, science, and math subjects for high school students; social
    acience and English courses at any level; and 1st/2nd year university math
    and life/natural science courses. Her tutoring sessions are available
    starting February 6.
  • Service provider: Lida Tohidi
  • Rate: $30/hour
  • Donation to TW4H: 100% minus parking and gas reimbursement.

    Tutoring – High school (English or History) (Oakville area)

  • Patricia is a great tutor and she’s waiting to hear about your learning needs.
  • We’re happy to report that there will be piano teachers and more tutors joining the team soon. So think about what you have been wanting to learn! We will very likely have someone who can help you with it.
  • Service provider: Patricia Holm
  • Rate: TBA
  • Donation to TW4H: TBA

    Real Estate Agent – Andrew la Fleur I donateI donate

  • For every property bought or sold, Andrew will make a donation to a charity
    of the clients’ choice. He will donate $1 for every $1,000 in the property
    value, in the name of the buyer/seller. (This means a purchase/sale of a
    $300,000 condo equals to a $300 donation!)
  • Service provider: Andrew la Fleur
  • Donation to TW4H: $1 for every $1000 transaction
  • Progress: Donated $320 on Jan 22.

    Real Estate Agent – Mark Savel I donate

  • For every client who buys or sells a property, Mark will donate $1 for every
    $1,000 spent to a charity of the client’s choice to help the relief efforts
    in Haiti. (This means a purchase/sale of a $300,000 condo equals to a $300
  • Service provider: Mark Savel
  • Donation to TW4H: $1 for every $1000 transaction

    Research Design and Statistics Consulting I donate

  • Research design, statistics consulting & analyses, survey design (including marketing surveys) and tutoring for statistics courses is offered by Dr. Yolanda Martins of Inquirus Research Design and Statistics Consulting.
  • Service provider: Dr. Yolanda Martins
  • Rates: All services but tutoring are $150/hr; tutoring services are $25/hr.
  • Donation to TW4H: 100% of her cost. Initial consultation is free, to a maximum of 2 hours.


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